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Jan 16

Brutti Ma Buoni, renamed

The Italians have misguidedly named these meringue-esque biccos ‘Brutti Ma Buoni’, meaning Ugly But Good. They will no longer be damned with faint praise. Henceforth they will be known as Biscotti Bella e Stupefacente. The Beautiful and Amazing Biscuit.

Jan 15

Vegetarian sushi rolls

Not content with being healthy, supremely tasty and a joy to look at, it turns out that sushi is actually also remarkably easy, and quick, to make. These delectable little tidbits are extremely versatile and once you have mastered the process, you can start to experiment with different flavours.

Jan 12

Mini scones


Fluffier than a cumulous cloud, these mini cobs can be rustled up and eaten in a matter of minutes. Secrete them into your dressing gown pockets for an air of eccentricity.

Jan 03

Traditional Scottish Shortbread

It’s probably too late to first-foot anyone but you really don’t need an excuse to make the perfect melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuit. It can be enjoyed at any time with anyone, or just you….and an entire shortbread round. If you need a motive, there is always 25th January – Burns Night – an apt occasion to get your apron (or peenie) on and bake some Scottish treats.

Jan 02

Don’t leaf me this way…

If you glance some fresh celery waving their lustrous unblemished leaves at you then snatch them up and make some glorious soup. Celery seems to be mostly required in recipes by the stick, which in my experience, results in half a bunch wilting in the fridge. This recipe uses the whole bunch, leaves included.

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