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Jul 01

Raspberry, Kiwi & Elderflower Cheesecake for two

Mini cake tin, I salute you. I ate half a cheescake for dessert and didn’t even have to open my jeans button and collapse on the sofa afterwards.

Sep 11

Pickled damsons

This time of year must certainly be the solution to the hungry gap we have to endure at the start of Spring. Massive bounties of wild fruit seem to be jostling for attention and demanding new ingenious ways of preservation.

Jun 15

Elderflower and Lemon Cordial

My over-enthusiastic collection of elderflowers has resulted in many, many bottles of Elderflower Champagne. Not that I’m complaining. But, since everyone needs a little variety in their life I decided to make some…elderflower and lemon cordial. Ok, it’s not a vast leap into the unknown but these wonderful edible flowers are only available for a …

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Jun 15

Elderflower champagne – the scent of summer!

This wonderfully fragrant sparkling drink has the heady scent of summer bursting from every bubble.