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Aug 15

Pink lemonade sorbet

Pink lemonade sounds very romantic. Homemade lemonade of any kind conjures up images of pretty gardens and sunshine and a life filled with simple pleasures. Pink lemonade is all of this, plus it’s pink.
This recipe can be used either as a drink, or as a sorbet. The sorbet is perfect for either a light dessert or a mid-course palate cleanser. Sprinkle over some homemade crystallised lemon peel for a special touch.

Feb 03

The Best Banoffee Ice Cream Sundae

Well, we are in February after all. Too early too worry about exposing large amounts of flesh in the sun and late enough to forget about all those resolutions. This recipe is great excuse to indulge a little – if the guilt weighs too heavily you can always go on a celery and Ryvita diet …

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