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Nov 30

Braised red cabbage and sausages

Cabbage is a vegetable with great potential. Unfortunately, that potential was normally squandered in our kitchen. This was partly due to my husband’s reluctance to cook it, eat it, or speak of it. Something to do with being forced to eat vast quantities of unseasoned, boiled cabbage in his youth I believe.

Oct 26

Spiced beef and lime chimichangas

I bought a 2kg piece of silverside yesterday. This is a rather huge hunk of beef for a household of two, particularly as neither of us are very adept at cooking joints or large cuts of meat. Since my last attempt at roasting silverside resulted in a dry crumbly mass of beef sawdust I decided to change tactic. I put the joint in a large pan, submerged it in cold water and simmered for about two and a half hours.

Oct 11

Picnic ham and parmesan quiche

I made this quiche in a flurry of cooking activity for a picnic at the zoo. Considering the environment, it probably should have been filled with vegetarian delights – I have only become aware of my insensitivity as I write this prologue to the recipe.

Aug 16

Oxtail stew in a slow cooker

Today was one of those slow cooker days. I spotted an oxtail hanging in the butchers window and decided, seeing as August is behaving more like November, it was time for a no-fuss, slow-cooked, comforting oxtail stew.

Jun 30

The best blue cheese beef burgers

These burgers can be whipped up in just a few minutes for a speedy lunch or dinner. You can use any cheese that tickles your fancy so it’s simple to make different options if you are attempting to create a meal for people with varying tastes (ie.fussy).

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