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Dec 12

Seafood linguine with chilli and garlic (budget version)

This month we embarked on a pre-Christmas food budget.In principle this simply meant a few weeks of very limited food shopping so we could use up the existing contents of our fridge, cupboards and freezer.

Oct 13

Autumnal acorn squash tortelli

Tortelli, tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli: there are more types of stuffed pasta than you can shake a fist at. Well, whatever type of pasta you choose to make, it will make no difference to the taste of this fantastic autumn dish.

Apr 27

Creamy smoked chicken linguine

This is the second meal inspired by the produce of my recent foray into home-smoking. The use of soured cream in the sauce gives it a lift and cuts through the intense smokiness whilst enhancing the other flavours.

Mar 16

Spicy penne pasta with butternut squash

My love for squash has not diminished despite the fact I plant some every year as a little project and they resolutely refuse to flourish. Perhaps they have seen me handling one of their kin whilst wielding a knife and salivating. Perhaps I am just a rubbish gardener.

Dec 10

Creamy penne pasta with wild Alaskan salmon

Perhaps it’s the frugal Scot in me but whenever I pop into the supermarket I inadvertently find myself drawn towards the reduced meat section. I would always advocate supporting your local butcher and fishmonger when possible but, if you are on a budget, perusing the supermarket bargain counter is a great way to celebrate your …

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