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Nov 23

Traditional Welsh salt duck

There are many types of duck – we had mallard which was delicious cooked in this way, very tender, and tasted quite game-y. The stock was amazing. I’m not sure if salt duck tastes better than roast duck but it is certainly it’s equal. With the bonus of a pan full of full-flavoured stock to enhance another meal, however, the balance falls in the favour of salt boiled duck every time.

Sep 19

Spicy chicken and blackened pepper chimichangas

I first tried a chimichanga in a great little café we happened upon in Sheffield. I think I had a vague idea what to expect but really I just chose it because I liked the name. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the café but I do remember my chimichanga.

Sep 15

How to poach chicken breast fillets

Perfectly cooked chicken fillets are really easy to make using this simple poaching method. I love cooking them this way because the chicken stays moist and absorbs the flavours of the stock.

Aug 08

Clear chicken noodle soup

I have been going through a Thai food phase recently. This development has not yet migrated into my own cooking but I have probably eaten at more Thai restaurants in the last couple of months than the rest of my life to this point. I seem to have developed a particular fondness for hot and sour soups. I should point out that this recipe is not for one of those (I am working my way up to that) but it does have a Thai twist.

Apr 27

Creamy smoked chicken linguine

This is the second meal inspired by the produce of my recent foray into home-smoking. The use of soured cream in the sauce gives it a lift and cuts through the intense smokiness whilst enhancing the other flavours.

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