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Jan 26

Taste Gourmet Deli or Where My Diet Went Wrong

Unfortunately an extremely early departure from home meant that we had feasted on nothing but a plate of humble cornflakes. This culinary neglect was threatening to plunge my blood sugar levels to all time low and ruin the much-anticipated Tropical World experience before we even arrived. So while I sat in the passenger seat becoming irritable and uselessly kicking the footwell, Mr Hungry Gannet was using his keen café-radar to find one of the nicest eateries we have stumbled upon in a long time.

May 18

Review: silicone egg poachers

I had been ogling this product for quite a while. Every time I came across a set I would fondle them and think of perfectly poached eggs with intact yolks sitting atop my toast and an end to fights about who would clean the pan coated in egg-scum.