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Jan 12

Mini scones


Fluffier than a cumulous cloud, these mini cobs can be rustled up and eaten in a matter of minutes. Secrete them into your dressing gown pockets for an air of eccentricity.

Nov 30

Wholemeal soda bread

Soda bread is a great standby, especially when you have something tasty bubbling away on the hob and are desperately in need of a no-fuss starchy side dish to soak up the juices. It is a perfect accompaniment to soups or stews and is brilliant breakfast fodder. Unlike yeast breads it doesn’t need to prove or rise so you can get a batch in the oven and ready to eat (if you don’t mind scalding your mouth) in around an hour.

Nov 23

White onion sauce

This white onion sauce was recommended by Lady Llanover in her 1837 cookbook, ‘First Principles of Good Cookery’, as the ideal accompaniment to salt duck. I have to admit I was doubtful, being that the ingredients consisted solely of onions, water, flour and milk. The recipe is now firmly in my repertoire of quick and delicious sauces. It is no worse for the lack of butter and you can feel extremely virtuous even if you eat it to excess.

Sep 11

Pickled damsons

This time of year must certainly be the solution to the hungry gap we have to endure at the start of Spring. Massive bounties of wild fruit seem to be jostling for attention and demanding new ingenious ways of preservation.

Aug 04

Blackened roast peppers

If a pepper in our house needs to be cooked, this is always the first method I consider. When peppers are roasted in intense heat, the skin blackens and blisters while the flesh becomes succulent and tender, oozing with sweet, smoky juices. With an intensity of flavour which belies the quick preparation, blackened peppers need little dressing up to turn them into a stunning dish.

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