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Jan 22

Spelt and the new me

In a magnanimous gesture, I am sharing my recipe for this nutrition-packed, health-giving bowl of goodness. Considering the lack of cheese it is surprisingly tasty.

Dec 12

Seafood linguine with chilli and garlic (budget version)

This month we embarked on a pre-Christmas food budget.In principle this simply meant a few weeks of very limited food shopping so we could use up the existing contents of our fridge, cupboards and freezer.

Oct 26

Spiced beef and lime chimichangas

I bought a 2kg piece of silverside yesterday. This is a rather huge hunk of beef for a household of two, particularly as neither of us are very adept at cooking joints or large cuts of meat. Since my last attempt at roasting silverside resulted in a dry crumbly mass of beef sawdust I decided to change tactic. I put the joint in a large pan, submerged it in cold water and simmered for about two and a half hours.

Sep 19

Spicy chicken and blackened pepper chimichangas

I first tried a chimichanga in a great little café we happened upon in Sheffield. I think I had a vague idea what to expect but really I just chose it because I liked the name. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the café but I do remember my chimichanga.

Aug 16

Oxtail stew in a slow cooker

Today was one of those slow cooker days. I spotted an oxtail hanging in the butchers window and decided, seeing as August is behaving more like November, it was time for a no-fuss, slow-cooked, comforting oxtail stew.

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