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Jan 15

Vegetarian sushi rolls

Not content with being healthy, supremely tasty and a joy to look at, it turns out that sushi is actually also remarkably easy, and quick, to make. These delectable little tidbits are extremely versatile and once you have mastered the process, you can start to experiment with different flavours.

Jan 02

Don’t leaf me this way…

If you glance some fresh celery waving their lustrous unblemished leaves at you then snatch them up and make some glorious soup. Celery seems to be mostly required in recipes by the stick, which in my experience, results in half a bunch wilting in the fridge. This recipe uses the whole bunch, leaves included.

Feb 26

Courgette and fennel soup

This is another recipe which has evolved from leftovers in our veg box delivery. I was a bit concerned the fennel would be too overpowering but the flavours work really well together. The courgettes give the soup a lovely creamy consistency when blended.