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Jan 12

Mini scones


Fluffier than a cumulous cloud, these mini cobs can be rustled up and eaten in a matter of minutes. Secrete them into your dressing gown pockets for an air of eccentricity.

Oct 13

Autumnal acorn squash tortelli

Tortelli, tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli: there are more types of stuffed pasta than you can shake a fist at. Well, whatever type of pasta you choose to make, it will make no difference to the taste of this fantastic autumn dish.

Oct 11

Picnic ham and parmesan quiche

I made this quiche in a flurry of cooking activity for a picnic at the zoo. Considering the environment, it probably should have been filled with vegetarian delights – I have only become aware of my insensitivity as I write this prologue to the recipe.

Jul 29

Spinach, feta and ricotta filo parcels

These tasty little parcels are great snacks to tuck into a picnic hamper and enjoy in the fresh air. Tastiness and portability aside, another plus point is the triangular shape; a choice of three ergonomic points that can be effortlessly popped into your eager chops.

May 17

Party bread with stilton and caramelised shallots

When this bread is turned out, it is a jigsaw-like structure with bite-sized pieces that can be individually plucked out and popped straight into your mouth instead of requiring laborious slicing like other, less clever, breads.

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