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Jan 15

Vegetarian sushi rolls

Not content with being healthy, supremely tasty and a joy to look at, it turns out that sushi is actually also remarkably easy, and quick, to make. These delectable little tidbits are extremely versatile and once you have mastered the process, you can start to experiment with different flavours.

Jan 22

Spelt and the new me

In a magnanimous gesture, I am sharing my recipe for this nutrition-packed, health-giving bowl of goodness. Considering the lack of cheese it is surprisingly tasty.

Nov 30

Braised red cabbage and sausages

Cabbage is a vegetable with great potential. Unfortunately, that potential was normally squandered in our kitchen. This was partly due to my husband’s reluctance to cook it, eat it, or speak of it. Something to do with being forced to eat vast quantities of unseasoned, boiled cabbage in his youth I believe.

Aug 04

Blackened roast peppers

If a pepper in our house needs to be cooked, this is always the first method I consider. When peppers are roasted in intense heat, the skin blackens and blisters while the flesh becomes succulent and tender, oozing with sweet, smoky juices. With an intensity of flavour which belies the quick preparation, blackened peppers need little dressing up to turn them into a stunning dish.

Aug 01

Broccoli stems – cook them, eat them, marvel at them

Never have I had such a revelation with a member of the cabbage family. For years I have been throwing away delicious broccoli stems with wild abandon. I had no idea that they were edible.

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