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Nov 30

Braised red cabbage and sausages

Cabbage is a vegetable with great potential. Unfortunately, that potential was normally squandered in our kitchen. This was partly due to my husband’s reluctance to cook it, eat it, or speak of it. Something to do with being forced to eat vast quantities of unseasoned, boiled cabbage in his youth I believe.

Aug 16

Oxtail stew in a slow cooker

Today was one of those slow cooker days. I spotted an oxtail hanging in the butchers window and decided, seeing as August is behaving more like November, it was time for a no-fuss, slow-cooked, comforting oxtail stew.

Mar 16

Spicy penne pasta with butternut squash

My love for squash has not diminished despite the fact I plant some every year as a little project and they resolutely refuse to flourish. Perhaps they have seen me handling one of their kin whilst wielding a knife and salivating. Perhaps I am just a rubbish gardener.

Mar 01

Celeriac carpaccio, or is it?

Ok, now you’re thinking that the strapline of this site should be something like ‘See how I use up the last dregs of my veg box’. I admit, this recipe was a last resort after opening the fridge and being faced with a solitary celeriac, a few small potatoes, and not a lot else. I have to tell you though, this dish is beautiful.

Feb 23

Black salsify in a creamy bechamel sauce

We have been getting black salsify in our veg box every week for a very long while. For the first few deliveries I could barely stop myself from marching around the kitchen twirling them like batons while singing a merry ditty.

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