Jul 06

Mini raspberry and chocolate cake

This recipe makes eight extremely cute, naturally low calorie portions or two fairly large pieces which you can stuff into your mouth whilst mumbling ‘I just ate half a cake’ without the tiniest tremor of guilt. Mini-baking enthusiasts and dieters, gather together, and celebrate this cake:

Jul 01

Raspberry, Kiwi & Elderflower Cheesecake for two

Mini cake tin, I salute you. I ate half a cheescake for dessert and didn’t even have to open my jeans button and collapse on the sofa afterwards.

Jan 26

Taste Gourmet Deli or Where My Diet Went Wrong

Unfortunately an extremely early departure from home meant that we had feasted on nothing but a plate of humble cornflakes. This culinary neglect was threatening to plunge my blood sugar levels to all time low and ruin the much-anticipated Tropical World experience before we even arrived. So while I sat in the passenger seat becoming irritable and uselessly kicking the footwell, Mr Hungry Gannet was using his keen café-radar to find one of the nicest eateries we have stumbled upon in a long time.

Jan 22

Spelt and the new me

In a magnanimous gesture, I am sharing my recipe for this nutrition-packed, health-giving bowl of goodness. Considering the lack of cheese it is surprisingly tasty.

Dec 12

Seafood linguine with chilli and garlic (budget version)

This month we embarked on a pre-Christmas food budget.In principle this simply meant a few weeks of very limited food shopping so we could use up the existing contents of our fridge, cupboards and freezer.

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