May 18

Review: silicone egg poachers

This review is pretty simple. Do not buy silicone poachers unless you are partial to poached eggs which have edges like rubber and a snot-like uncooked goo on top.

I had been ogling this product for quite a while. Every time I came across a set I would fondle them and think of perfectly poached eggs with intact yolks sitting atop my toast and an end to fights about who would clean the pan coated in egg-scum. I suppose part of me realised there was a chance it would be an impulsive, aspirational lifestyle purchase encouraged by clever subliminal marketing. One of those products which you are certain will revolutionise your life then end up at the back of a drawer never to see daylight until you have a spring clean, look at it quizzically, then finally resign it to the kitchenalia graveyard.

It’s true – perhaps I am not in the best frame of mind since all I have had for sustenance is a piece of dry rye bread. If I had stuck to the simple age-old tools of a pan and some boiling water my blood sugar levels would be higher and perhaps I would be more generous with my appraisal but then I imagine the review would be for a saucepan and not a silicone egg poacher.

Certainly, I would have liked my first product review to have been a positive one. But when you stand hovering above a pot of boiling water watching your breakfast be destroyed a little light switches off inside you and forgiveness simply isn’t possible.

If you have a desire to support the import of inferior goods and are planning devious ways of fooling yourself into dieting then by all means buy a set of silicone egg poachers here. Otherwise, save yourself a few quid and embrace the irregular, unpredictable egg shapes that evolve from poaching eggs the way God intended.


  1. donna

    The phlegmy-looking stuff on top can be avoided by using a pot with a lid. I’ve found one that has a steam vent thing best.

    1. The Hungry Gannet

      Thanks for your suggestion Donna – I’ll most certainly try this next time I am poaching eggs!

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