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Jan 12

Mini scones


Fluffier than a cumulous cloud, these mini cobs can be rustled up and eaten in a matter of minutes. Secrete them into your dressing gown pockets for an air of eccentricity.

May 17

Party bread with stilton and caramelised shallots

When this bread is turned out, it is a jigsaw-like structure with bite-sized pieces that can be individually plucked out and popped straight into your mouth instead of requiring laborious slicing like other, less clever, breads.

Mar 16

Secretly baked challah

I have been intending to bake challah since I saw it in The New Best Recipe many many months ago. Actually… that’s not strictly true. I have in turns been badgering and begging and pleading with my husband to bake challah since I saw it many many months ago.