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Jan 02

Don’t leaf me this way…

If you glance some fresh celery waving their lustrous unblemished leaves at you then snatch them up and make some glorious soup. Celery seems to be mostly required in recipes by the stick, which in my experience, results in half a bunch wilting in the fridge. This recipe uses the whole bunch, leaves included.

Aug 08

Clear chicken noodle soup

I have been going through a Thai food phase recently. This development has not yet migrated into my own cooking but I have probably eaten at more Thai restaurants in the last couple of months than the rest of my life to this point. I seem to have developed a particular fondness for hot and sour soups. I should point out that this recipe is not for one of those (I am working my way up to that) but it does have a Thai twist.

Jun 24

Old England clam chowder, super-quick!

Despite spending a few months in New England in my youth, I never took the opportunity to sample their renowned clam chowder. Ten years on, the nagging regret made it’s way through the murky depths of my subconscious and I started haranguing the local fishmonger to get hold of some fresh clams.

Mar 22

Vegetable broth with curly kale

People seem to react to the word ‘broth’ in one of two ways. They either rub their hands with glee and start swirling batons in the air whilst shouting ‘whooopeee!’ or they screw up their faces and start retching. Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating a little, but I’m sure we can agree that the humble broth …

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Mar 08

Quick spicy noodle soup

Post yoga fatigue and a sore stomach were the main factors in the creation of this store-cupboard dish. I’m not making any declarations of authenticity here, only tastiness: this was a recipe of necessity.

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