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Nov 22

Chilli chocolate shortbread biscuits

My new, and possibly all-time, favourite baking book is Warm Bread and Honey Cake by Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra. My dad gave it to me about a month ago and I have been reverently working my way through the recipes ever since. Not consecutively, I must add. That would be slightly odd.
This chilli biscuit recipe is my fiery adaptation of Gaitri’s delectable almond shortbreads.

Sep 11

Pickled damsons

This time of year must certainly be the solution to the hungry gap we have to endure at the start of Spring. Massive bounties of wild fruit seem to be jostling for attention and demanding new ingenious ways of preservation.

Mar 16

Spicy penne pasta with butternut squash

My love for squash has not diminished despite the fact I plant some every year as a little project and they resolutely refuse to flourish. Perhaps they have seen me handling one of their kin whilst wielding a knife and salivating. Perhaps I am just a rubbish gardener.

Mar 08

Quick spicy noodle soup

Post yoga fatigue and a sore stomach were the main factors in the creation of this store-cupboard dish. I’m not making any declarations of authenticity here, only tastiness: this was a recipe of necessity.